“So…What’s the ForColumbia Day of Service All About?”

People still ask us this question all the time. Whenever someone does ask, we know one thing for sure. That person has yet to participate in one of our annual days of service to the community. People who have participated in the past don’t have to ask…they know exactly what we are all about. So…why […]

How are we handling Covid-19 concerns?

Enthusiasm for serving our city is growing! The ForColumbia 2021 Executive Team is so very encouraged to see it. However, we also know that Covid-19 is still a reality. As we have planned this year’s serving event, we are taking the safety and comfort of our volunteers very seriously. Therefore, we have worked hard to […]

Yes, We Can Still Love and Serve Our Neighbors This Saturday…From a Safe Distance!

By Shelly Mayer Director, ForColumbia 2020 As you undoubtedly are already aware, ForColumbia 2020 was scheduled to happen this Saturday, April 25th. This would have been our sixth year of loving and serving our neighbors in Columbia, Mo., and making an incredible impact in our city, all for God’s glory. That’s always been our mission […]

March 22: An Update on the COVID-19 Impact on #ForColumbia2020

The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps. (Proverbs 16:9) By Shelly Mayer Director, ForColumbia 2020 As the COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) has spread across our country and entered our own community, it has become abundantly clear that our efforts to coordinate a large-scale volunteer effort to love and serve our […]

How Will the COVID-19 Coronavirus Affect #ForColumbia2020?

While we are still six weeks out from our planned serving date, we want to communicate that we take this pandemic very seriously and will take the necessary measures to protect both our sites and our volunteers. We want to speak in one voice about our plans regarding the ForColumbia 2020 anticipated day of service, and the potential impact of the national – and indeed, global – emergency in which we find ourselves.

One + One = a Lot More than Two

This year, ForColumbia is headed back to Demaret and its neighborhood and our hope is simply to continue to help Joyce, and Ginger, and others, deepen relationships with more of their neighbors as we all glorify our God.

Deepening Friendships Result in New Thanksgiving Dinner Plans

“One Day of Service” Stubbornly Refuses to Stay Within Its Limited Timeframe  🙂 By Shelly Mayer Coordinator, #ForColumbia2020 Even though ForColumbia’s effort to serve our city is limited in that it is primarily an annual “day” of service, one of the many beautiful fruits that I’ve seen come out of this effort is the number […]

ForColumbia 2019 Enables Single Mom to Hang Onto Multi-Generational Property

Know someone who is struggling? You can help! “I had to move out [of my home] because the house was falling apart and I couldn’t repair it by myself, didn’t have the funds.” Sandra Warren, a single mother of six children, was one of 18 Columbians whose homes were chosen as a ForColumbia project site […]

‘Seek the good of the city to which you have been sent…’

By Shelly Mayer ForColumbia 2019 Coordinator One thing Christians have in common, no matter what denomination we are a part of, is the belief that having been saved by the work of Jesus Christ on the cross, our hearts are changed such that we want to live differently. God’s Word calls us to be salt […]