Why I Serve Alongside ForColumbia Year After Year

By Gretchen Shults, ForColumbia Exec Team In 2016, the second year of ForColumbia, my pastor asked me if I wanted to serve as the spokesperson for our church for an upcoming day of service. He mentioned in our brief conversation the simplicity of the ForColumbia mission: To partner with other Christians in our community to […]

Prayer or Service? Abiding in Jesus Will Include Both

By Sam Kruvand, PrayComo Prayer Initiative A good friend of mine recently told me of an encounter he had with an earnest seeker. He’d shared a new prayer initiative (PrayComo) encouraging friends to commit to regular times of prayer alone with God (See Matthew 6), suggesting that this unseen time will produce a deeper fruit […]

Why Our Family Participates in ForColumbia

By Lauren Eisleben For the past six years, around this time, all three kids in our family will start asking, “When is ForColumbia?” And, “Do we get to help sort and pass out T-shirts again?” ForColumbia’s annual day of service has become a highly anticipated event on our family calendar, much like a vacation or […]

Loving Our Neighbors Made Simple: ForColumbia 2022

Since 2015, ForColumbia has had a single mission, namely to put time and resources to good use loving and serving our neighbors, without any agenda, as a way of glorifying Christ and living our lives for His glory. Each year, we have the privilege of loving and serving our neighbors in a very literal fashion. […]

Five Good Reasons to Sign Up to Serve April 30, 2022

Continuing with our Serving Sites blog series, here’s what ForColumbia director Shelly Mayer has to say whenever anyone asks her to provide one good reason to participate. I won’t just give you one reason, I’ll give you five. After six years of working with dozens of committed volunteers to organize a citywide Day of Service, […]

“Shouldn’t the City of Columbia Take Care of That?”

Continuing with our Serving Sites blog series, here’s what ForColumbia director Shelly Mayer has to say about why we volunteer to help beautify and upgrade City of Columbia public spaces. This is my seventh year heading up the annual ForColumbia Day of Service. In the past few years, I’ve lost count of the number of […]

“And who is my neighbor?”

Continuing with our Serving Sites blog series, here’s what ForColumbia executive board member Gretchen Shults has to say about why we volunteer to help homeowners at select private residences. ForColumbia was founded in 2015 to bring Christians together to freely share the love of God by serving our community, side-by-side. One way we serve our […]

“So…What’s the ForColumbia Day of Service All About?”

People still ask us this question all the time. Whenever someone does ask, we know one thing for sure. That person has yet to participate in one of our annual days of service to the community. People who have participated in the past don’t have to ask…they know exactly what we are all about. So…why […]

How are we handling Covid-19 concerns?

Enthusiasm for serving our city is growing! The ForColumbia 2021 Executive Team is so very encouraged to see it. However, we also know that Covid-19 is still a reality. As we have planned this year’s serving event, we are taking the safety and comfort of our volunteers very seriously. Therefore, we have worked hard to […]