A Mercifully-Brief Guide to Effective Use of Social Media During #ForColumbia2018

This coming weekend, in addition to many things to do, there will be many things to document. One of the more fun fringe benefits associated with serving during ForColumbia is the sheer number of great photo opportunities that invariably come our way. While we encourage everyone to focus primarily on the task at hand – […]

ForColumbia 2018 Kick-Off Celebration Set for Friday, April 27th

“Party in the Park” Will Feature Live Music, Fun for the Kids and Big Daddy’s BBQ By Shelly Mayer 2018 Event Coordinator As we enter the final week of ForColumbia 2018 preparations, the excitement level is rising! We’ve had dozens and dozens of people working hard to plan this year’s day of serving on Saturday, […]

Putting Real Names, Faces and Needs to God’s Clear Command

By Shelly Mayer #ForColumbia 2018 Event Coordinator “Why do we send volunteers every year to work at the homes of individuals in our city? How do we identify the people we serve?” Every year I field questions that, behind the words, express a concern about the wisdom of helping people by “doing for them.” I […]