Every year, there are a lot of questions to answer about ForColumbia before we head out to serve, and 2024 is no different!

Frequently Asked Questions: April 2024 Edition

Every year, the ForColumbia Exec Team fields literally hundreds of inquiries such that our Frequently Asked Questions page almost writes itself. This year is no different. Please keep a link to this page handy. That way, you can easily text it to family members, the volunteers on your team, or anyone else looking for information on our 2024 Day of Service to the community.

Why the change in serving time?

Several factors played into our decision to change our day of service to one time for everyone.

  • Primarily, we wanted to try giving every ForColumbia volunteer a fuller experience. We want them to see a project from beginning to completion in a single day.
  • We hope that by starting together as a full team in the morning, sharing the project’s vision, and praying together before the work begins, everyone will experience what it’s like to be part of something bigger.
  • There are other logistical benefits for our site leaders and our planning team.
The ForColumbia Exec Team places over 2,300 volunteers at over 85 different locations. It's much like putting together a very complicated puzzle!

The ForColumbia Exec Team places over 2,300 volunteers at over 85 different locations. It’s much like putting together a very complicated puzzle!

Given the response this year, with over 2,300 signing up to serve, this might be how we do things in the future! We’ll see!

Do we still get lunch?

Yes, absolutely! Every site will have lunch delivered to them.

  • Only a few sites within walking distance of each other may choose to gather for lunch. However, most people will eat as a team.
  • This means that in many cases, your team leader might ask you to bring camping chairs or blankets with you so that you can spread out and eat outdoors picnic-style.

What will lunch be?!

This year we are working with three vendors who have all excitedly agreed to offer us discounted lunches for our volunteers — Chick-fil-A, Jersey Mike’s, and Tacos 4 Life.

When will I hear from my site leader?

Now that sign-ups have closed, the ForColumbia Exec Team is feverishly placing over 2,000 volunteers at over 85 different locations to serve. It’s much like putting together a very complicated puzzle!

  • You should have received your assignment on Friday, April 19.
  • You should hear from your site leader with more details by Monday evening, April 22.

What if something has changed in my availability?

We really do count on every volunteer who signs up.

  • If your availability has changed and you can no longer serve, please email [email protected] to let us know.

What if it looks like it’s going to rain?

If we get rainy weather on April 27th, some outdoor projects may have a delayed start or may even need to be rescheduled.

  • This information will be provided on the ForColumbia website here: https://forcolumbia.com/sites/
  • You will receive email updates from the ForColumbia team if the status of your serving site has changed.

Please continue to pray with us for warm, dry weather on the 27th, which will enable us to complete the work we are planning!

Other unanswered questions?

Don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected].