ForColumbia 2019 Enables Single Mom to Hang Onto Multi-Generational Property

Know someone who is struggling? You can help! “I had to move out [of my home] because the house was falling apart and I couldn’t repair it by myself, didn’t have the funds.” Sandra Warren, a single mother of six children, was one of 18 Columbians whose homes were chosen as a ForColumbia project site […]

‘Seek the good of the city to which you have been sent…’

By Shelly Mayer ForColumbia 2019 Coordinator One thing Christians have in common, no matter what denomination we are a part of, is the belief that having been saved by the work of Jesus Christ on the cross, our hearts are changed such that we want to live differently. God’s Word calls us to be salt […]

And Jesus said to him,’You go, and do likewise.’

By Shelly Mayer ForColumbia 2019 Coordinator ForColumbia 2019 is now nearly three weeks in the rearview mirror and, as we wrap up all of the post-event activities, I can’t help but return to this year’s recap video over and over. Being “the hands and feet of Jesus” is a phrase that threatens to sound over-used, […]

How Important is Prayer to ForColumbia?

By Brooke Bassett Prayer is an integral – and growing – part of our efforts to love and serve the members of our community. As Christians, we believe that the Lord is always listening when we call out to Him (1 John 5:14) and that He loves hearing from his sons and daughters. We believe […]

Working Side-by-Side: Distant Past and Present Day

Phil Steinhaus, CEO of the Columbia Housing Authority, has been a resident of Columbia since 1968 and is able to provide a unique perspective on ForColumbia’s annual day of service.

FAQ for Volunteering with #ForColumbia2019

Hi, everyone! As we begin recruiting volunteers for the work we’ve lined up to accomplish this year on Saturday, April 27, we wanted to provide easy answers to some of the most-frequently-asked questions we’ve gotten in the past. Individual/Family Registration Now Open: SIGN UP NOW How can I make sure I am assigned to serve […]

The Ongoing Impact of ‘One Day of Service’

The basketball court looked as though it had been abandoned for decades. The chain link fence that surrounded it on two sides was completely overgrown with weeds and brush, leaning in places as scrub trees wove themselves into the fence. The asphalt was in particularly rough shape, cracked in multiple places where weeds thrived in […]

Spending Our Time Counter-Culturally, ForColumbia Fosters New Friendships

Now in its fifth year, ForColumbia is an annual effort by dozens of Christian churches in our city to share God’s love by serving our community, side by side. Sometimes “loving our community well” means serving one of the many non-profits in Boone County that work hard every day to make a difference in the […]

Putting Real Names, Faces and Needs to God’s Clear Command

By Shelly Mayer #ForColumbia 2018 Event Coordinator “Why do we send volunteers every year to work at the homes of individuals in our city? How do we identify the people we serve?” Every year I field questions that, behind the words, express a concern about the wisdom of helping people by “doing for them.” I […]

New for 2018: ‘Tiny Green Thumbs’

Family-Friendly Serving Project Keeps Kids Safe and Builds Relationships For 2018, ForColumbia’s Executive Team has been working to implement a widening range of serving opportunities to fit literally anyone who wants to volunteer. One opportunity we’d like to highlight this year is a family service project we’re calling “Tiny Green Thumbs.” When He gave His […]