ForColumbia 2019 Enables Single Mom to Hang Onto Multi-Generational Property

Know someone who is struggling? You can help!

“I had to move out [of my home] because the house was falling apart and I couldn’t repair it by myself, didn’t have the funds.”

Sandra Warren, a single mother of six children, was one of 18 Columbians whose homes were chosen as a ForColumbia project site in 2019. She was at a point in life where she felt overwhelmed with her situation. She wanted to give up.

“I’ll be honest; when we first walked through the home, I could see why she felt overwhelmed. Her home needed a lot of attention. I thought the project might be too big for us. The work that was required to return the space to livable was significant, and it was immediately evident that it would take far longer than a single day of serving.”

But as He has a habit of doing, God showed up and began stirring the hearts of His people.

By the time this project was finished, Sandra had new kitchen cabinets, a functioning bathroom, two windows replaced, and all newly-painted walls. Chipped linoleum had been either replaced with new flooring or, in some instances the original wood floors were sanded and refinished. The outside of her home got a makeover too, with a new roof on her porch and rose bushes planted alongside her home. All of the labor and a significant amount of the materials was donated. People used their God-given skills and donated their God-given wealth to love and serve another person in our community, and it was beautiful. Sandra lives with more hope now.

That’s the heart of what ForColumbia does; we are simply living out God’s call on our lives to love and serve our neighbors. Any work that gets accomplished, though, is all His doing. Over and over, as we simply show up, He works in us, and through us…and even despite us. Sandra’s home is not perfect, and neither is her life. But she lives with more hope now, and she knows there are people who care about her.

#ForColumbia2020 is currently accepting referrals for home projects. If you are aware of a friend, a neighbor or a coworker who is struggling, will you consider asking permission to reach out on their behalf? (Be sure to ask first!) To provide a referral, simply fill out the online form you will find at