American Red Cross Luncheon

‘What’s for lunch?’

Hey Volunteers!

We know exactly what you’re thinking as we get closer to April 29th! You’re wondering what’s for lunch, and where will it be served. Here’s a fun little FAQ to get you thinking a bit more about what ForColumbia 2017 will look like for you, broken down by serving site.

What’s for lunch?

It’s a (good) surprise! For now, we can tell you that ForColumbia has three different vendors providing lunch for our volunteers. One serving site (Auburn Hills) will end with a neighborhood BBQ.

Will lunch be brought to my serving site?

ForColumbia 2017 has 19 different sites (listed below) acting as lunch hosts for smaller sites. If you’re serving at one of the host sites, your lunch will be delivered right to your serving site. You will have a chance to eat with the rest of your team and, in most cases, volunteers from other sites!

What if my assignment is not listed above?

Many ForColumbia 2017 volunteers will be working all over our community at private residences. To respect the privacy of these individuals, ForColumbia will not list their names/addresses online; these are simply listed above as “Teams working at private residences nearby.” To find your lunch site, please check your assignment email first; all assignment emails were sent out the morning of Saturday, April 22nd. If, after checking your email, you still have questions, please email send email to [email protected]. Your site leader will also be sure to direct you to the appropriate lunch site.

What if I only serve in the morning? Do I still get lunch?

Yes! We appreciate you working hard all morning to love and serve Columbia, and are planning to provide you lunch between Noon and 1:00 p.m.

What if I only serve in the afternoon? Do I still get lunch?

Yes! We look forward to providing you with a good lunch between Noon and 1:00 p.m., so you’ll be ready to work hard all afternoon for the good of our city.

If I received an afternoon assignment, can I show up to eat lunch and then slip away from my work site unnoticed?

We would prefer you not do this.

Why do you have some volunteers travel to other serving sites for lunch?

ForColumbia has grouped serving site volunteers together for lunch for a few important reasons:

  • We want everyone giving their time on April 29 to get a bigger sense of what is happening around our city through ForColumbia.
  • A lot of our serving sites are smaller, needing only 5-15 volunteers. Traveling to a larger site enables volunteers to meet others who are giving their time and to see other serving sites in Columbia.
  • It takes a lot of volunteers just to coordinate and transport the food! We want as many of you actively serving non-profits and individuals as we can, so we are trying to be efficient and deliver lunch to a lot of volunteers with one easy drop, particularly in areas where a lot of serving sites are closely grouped together.

What about all the questions swimming around in my head that you aren’t answering here?

Once you know where you are serving, check your Serving Site page to get all kinds of details on your serving site…including who your lunch host is!