Jane Williams of Love INC Columbia

From Jane Williams of Love INC Columbia

Love INC is pleased to endorse ForColumbia 2017. After only two years, this annual service day has involved 33 local churches and provided strategic assistance to local non-profits and individuals. We featured ForColumbia at our Linking for Love event last fall, as this event is a shining example of multi-church collaboration to serve our city.

We encourage churches to participate and experience the sense of purpose and fellowship that come from working alongside others in the body of Christ. In the words of British writer and theologian G.K. Chesterson, “The chief aim (of Christianity) is to give room for good things to run wild.”

We are hoping 2017 is the best year yet, meaning that we see more and more partnerships developed and strengthened between our churches, and increased efforts being made to serve side by side, shining the light of Christ throughout Columbia.

For His Glory,

Jane Williams, Co-Founder
Love INC of Columbia, Mo.