A Mercifully-Brief Guide to Effective Use of Social Media During #ForColumbia2018

This coming weekend, in addition to many things to do, there will be many things to document.

One of the more fun fringe benefits associated with serving during ForColumbia is the sheer number of great photo opportunities that invariably come our way. While we encourage everyone to focus primarily on the task at hand – painting, mulching, cleaning, whatever – we also hope you’ll keep an eye peeled and your smartphone handy.

Assuming you’d like to share some of your more epic moments with a wider audience, we’d like to ask that you consider a few guidelines:

  • Our hashtag for this event is #ForColumbia2018. Don’t try to memorize it. You don’t have to. It’s printed in large type on the back of every T-shirt! Please use this hashtag early and often.
  • Never jeopardize safety in favor of humor. Please, everyone, let’s stay safe out there!
  • Please respect the privacy of others. Consistent with the mission of ForColumbia, please do not post images, videos or texts without the clear, unambiguous permission of everyone involved. Crowd shots are not a problem, per se, but do be aware when posting images or text that may inadvertently reveal someone’s name or other uniquely-identifying information. Examples would include vehicle license plate numbers, street addresses, nametags, etc.
  • For you social media pros and creative types, or anyone who wants to “brand” their images with the official ForColumbia logo, you can download the ForColumbia 2018 logo and save it to your phone or camera prior to the event.

Did You Snag a Truly-Awesome Image?

If you’d like to submit your images or other media for consideration on official ForColumbia social channels, please send your best work to [email protected] (along with a brief description so that we can provide context).

[email protected]

Be sure to have some fun while you work! And please follow us on our official channels: